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  • Neenah Pickett

Jan 11 - A Simple Kiss

When was the last time you saw a African American kiss his wife on live TV? For me, it was November 4, 2008. Etched into my mind was President Elect Barack Obama kissing his wife Michelle, and watching her lips mouth "I love you." It gave me goose bumps and brought tears to my eyes. During election night, I worked on live coverage for a client, and much of the emotion that I felt was not outwardly expressed. And so now as I reflect on the historical evening I, of course, am in awe at how far we've come as a nation. I also think about the impact this will have on children - not only little African American boys and girls, but children of all races, all ages, in America and around the world. Barack Obama, as a public figure, as a leader, and a role model isn't just about the man. The images of the First Family cover the pages of newspapers and magazines, and appear on every TV and computer screen. These images make an impression, make a statement. Just as the constant bombardment of negative images in the media have an impact on the viewer, so will positives images of a man - a black man - showing affection for his wife, for his daughters. As a single woman, I long to see healthy marriages, especially in the media. TV certainly doesn't provide it - that is until now. So, for me, this President-elect symbolizes hope, not only in this country's ability to change our governing position, but also hope for every adult who is hesitant or afraid of love and commitment. For those who wonder can we make marriage work even when the odds are against us? Yes, we can!

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