• Neenah Pickett

July 1st - He Passed. Now What?

I’m happy to share that the phone call with Cain went well. He could string a coherent sentence together, and even had a sense of humor. He was a good listener and there was no and sounds of a wife or a correctional officer in the background. All-in-all a great catch. When the conversation ended, I held my breath to see if he would ask me out. He didn’t. This was disappointing because I would have said, “yes.” So my guess is there are most likely two reasons he didn’t go down that path. The first is that he was thinking, “what if she says “no.” I will be totally embarrassed, when I could have ended things on a high note.” And the second reason is that I didn’t pass HIS “phone test” which I find highly unlikely because I’m quite charming on the phone :-). So I will choose to believe the first scenario.

This means that Cain will most likely follow up by asking me out later (hopefully not through a text message (lol). Yes. I’m thinking ahead and working myself up concerning something that may never happen. But I haven’t gone on a third date in ages, maybe even decades, so give a girl a little time to fantasize.

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