• Neenah Pickett

July 3 - Finally, a Matchmaker Service Where the Women are the Clients!

Sounds too good to be true? Well apparently it is. I have been searching for a personal matchmaker who focuses solely on women – one where she has a “pool” of men that she pulls from. Instead, it seems as though matchmakers prefer to represent the male species, men who pay a lofty price for their service. These matchmakers then “allow” women to fill out an application and pay a fee to be one of a gazillion females who belong in the pool. Considering I’m not pool material, I’m pushing for a better solution.

We have our own deodorant, our own gyms and even our own doctors. Can’t we have our own matchmakers?

Yes, there are matchmaking companies that offer their services to both genders. But if I’m a client, that doesn’t seem like the best option. If I were house hunting, I wouldn’t want a realtor who represents both the buyer and seller-- and I don’t want conflicting loyalty from my matchmaker either. I can just see her sticking me with another one of her clients just to make him happy.

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