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  • Neenah Pickett

July 7 - What I've Discovered

I’ve discovered… during this dating phase there’s no reason to talk yourself into liking a guy you’re just not into. There will be plenty of need for that years into the marriage.

I’ve discovered… that although blogging about how bad my date was may be funny to me and the reader, it can do real damage to an undeserving guy.

I’ve discovered… that when your date looks at other women during your date, you should thank God that you noticed it now-- in time to dump him.

I’ve discovered… that similar to my parents who I miss every day, I feel a sense of loss, yet for someone I’ve never found.

I’ve discovered… love is more powerful than your or his physical flaws and imperfections. Don’t worry about them standing in your way of finding love.

I’ve discovered… that God also created chemistry and the infatuation phase, so enjoy them while that last, and while doing so, slowly learn how to replace them with real love and commitment.

I’ve discovered… that if he doesn’t call, it’s his loss.

I’ve discovered… that when you pursue marriage; even with a slim chance of you finding him, and when the odds are against it lasting, and with the critics trying to dissuade you, that you’re not a person ruled by fear.

I’ve discovered… that just because I haven’t found “him,” there are still many men out there who aren’t afraid of commitment, who are respectful to women, and would make wonderful husbands.

I’ve discovered… that the impossible is more possible (or at the very least more bearable) when you surround yourself with those who support you.

I'd love to hear one discovery you've made about dating...

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