• Neenah Pickett

July 13 - Finding Love on a Bar Stool

17% of you said the best place to meet men was at bars. I was skeptical but gave it a try anyway. The first discovery I made is that there is an art to picking the right singles bar. I, apparently, am artistically challenged. The first bar I went to had about 8 people—no one made me want to stick around. The second was a nice, crowded bar. I thought, "this is the place!" I plopped myself on a stool and ordered a drink—grapefruit spritzer is my beverage of choice (grapefruit with ginger ale). I also made a point to get a stool where I had good view of the crowd, and more importantly, they had a good view of me.

Once settled, my eyes began to roam to and fro, looking for eligible men. Well, my poor eyes roamed and roamed and roamed. I didn’t see one guy who wasn’t already coupled up. How could this be? I also saw large mixed gender parties, a couple of ladies-only groups, but no single men. I also realized that because I was alone (they say you have better chances of getting picked up that way), I stood out like a sore thumb. This night wasn’t going as planned at all. But since I had gotten all dressed up, I settled in and decided to enjoy the evening for what it had to offer. I listened to a great jazz band, had fun people watching, played the game “guess how long they’ve been dating” and enjoyed my time at a bar. Next week, I’m off to a sporting event. BTW, if you have the names of any great singles bar in Central New Jersey (that caters to the over 35 crowd), let me know!

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