• Neenah Pickett

July 20 - Bowling for Men

I’ll admit, my most recent attempt at meeting men was a bust, primarily because it was poorly planned. After looking into several other options and not finding events for this weekend, my last resort became bowling. It’s not that great guys don’t bowl. I think it just takes a bit more effort of picking the right atmosphere, the right time and those who go with you. I have a friend who is a professional bowler and when he’s at one of his tournaments, the alley is filled with men. I also have a friend who is a part of a bowling league. She says on Thursday nights the place is – in her words, “jumping.” But both of these special events happen during the fall and winter months. So in about 60 days, perhaps I’ll give it another go.

While searching for events, a friend did come up with a great summer sporting activity. It was too late for me to sign up for last weekend, but it definitely sounds like fun for one of the upcoming Saturdays. It’s called open-boat fishing! They have half day fishing trips that go out every week on many of the beaches in Jersey shore. You just show up and they take you out on the ocean. You can rent poles on the boat and they even offer fishing instruction. I imagine this would be a big draw for men. But whether I meet men or not, it sounds like a lot of fun. Have any of you tried it? I'm interested in hearing about your experiences.

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