• Neenah Pickett

July 28 – Guess Who Wasn’t on the Best Sellers’ List

If you look up “ways to meet single men” a bookstore is always on the list. But I swear all of the guys must have been at an erotica Barnes & Nobles because they weren’t at my location. Seriously, did they post a sign saying I was going to be there? Is that why they scattered? I go to BN all the time and it’s usually crowded, but when I decide to make a trip with full hair and makeup and a camera crew to boot, the male species doesn’t show up—unless you count a 2 year old on caffeine or a senior in a wheelchair.

This is my 3rd outing from my top 5 list of places to go. I blame all of you because it was your suggestions that got me into this mess. I was so determined to make something happen this go-around that I literally followed men around the store. Two of them led me to their wives, and I think the third started to dial security, so I darted behind the cookbook section.

Since I failed to find real, living humans to interact with, I tried to find solace in the latest GQ magazine. Who donned the cover this month—Brad Pitt perhaps? Or was it Matt Damon? No. It was crazy Sasha Baron Cohen. I can’t even get satisfaction in print.

Well, my second to last challenge this week will be at a church outing. Yeah, like I’ll really find attractive, SINGLE men over 40 in church! Never one to give up, I press on, knowing that one day I’ll look back at this (hopefully 24 weeks from now) and think it was all worth it. Stay tuned. The countdown continues.

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