• Neenah Pickett

August 5 - You May Not Find Him Where You Want Him to Be

Church outing tied with community event in my poll for the top place to find a potential husband. I wonder if the high ranking is more wishful thinking than it being a real contender for finding “him.” Seriously ladies, be honest, how many of you found your husbands at a church outing? I tried to think about all of my married friends and how they met their husbands. Less than 10% met them at a church event. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy going to church, have been to countless church outings, even headed a singles ministry at my old church in Manhattan for a while. But unless churches get more on board with catering to singles, I’m no more likely to find him at church than a homeless man will get fed at Le Cirque. So for you 10%, congratulations, and for the remaining 90%, don’t be discouraged, God can deliver your “him” to your child’s school play, to the public library-- and thank you God for even using the internet!

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