• Neenah Pickett

August 17 - Essence Magazine - September Issue - Page 96

Yes. I'm promoting the article about me in Essence Magazine. It's on stands now. So run out and buy a copy, unless you have no money. Then you can read it at your local newsstand or bookstore (but don't rip out the page because you may get arrested). Gabrelle Union is on the cover. But don't look for my smiling face on page 96. For some reason, they didn't use my photo. Huge disappointment. What if my future husband thumbs through and lands on page 96. He'll only find words and the back of some chick in a wedding dress. He'll think, "that woman is taken" and turn the page. No. Turn back! Don't leave me on page 96 all alone.

Yes. I was bummed that my photo wasn't there and surprised because they had 3 great shots to choose from. The photo shoot was fun and I liked the results (I so rarely like my photos). But I shouldn't complain (I do, anyway) because at least they ran the story. They even list an email for me "onhermind@essence.com." Although, I didn't know about this address and I don't know what they'll do with my emails. I mean, should my husband-to-be email me, they will forward it right? There won't be some intern stealing my man. Well, here's the photo I thought was going to run. And, if you have a second, send me an email to this mysterious address: onhermind@essence.com. We'll see if they forward it.

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