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September 15 - My Love / Hate Relationship with Speed Dating

At least one-hour of prep time, sometimes more depending on how much work my hair needs. At times it will require a shopping trip (which I dread), so that’s another 2-hours, along with about $100 for the outfit or fabulous accent. Plus, add 90-minutes and $70, should I get my hair professionally done. And, I haven’t even figured in the travel time. Yes, it can take great pain-staking effort and resources to get ready for 1 date!

So along comes Speed Dating, and in one night I can squeeze in anywhere from 8 – 15 men. How’s that for time management, cost-cutting methods? That’s one of the reasons why I love Speed Dating. I went to my fourth Speed Dating event on Saturday. This far exceeded the last one.

When I hate Speed Dating: A couple of weeks ago I went to one where there were 15 women and 5 men. One of those men left after telling the organizer that this many women was too overwhelming (I personally think we all dodged a bullet with him). Now we’re down to 4. The saving grace during the evening was my iphone which allowed me to update my Facebook friends over the course of the evening. My friends humored me while I patiently waited my turn. During one round, one guy had the audacity to take one look at me and walked pass my table to the next one. He obviously felt I wasn’t worth 5-minutes of his time. Although it was inexcusably rude, I’m sure I’m better off for not having to speak with him. So now I was down to 3. All three gentlemen were nice, interesting and cute. I enjoyed their company and I think they enjoyed mine – all 5-minutes of it. I didn’t feel butterflies, nor were there fireworks, but I didn’t expect those things to show up.

When I got home I raced to input my results, letting the organizer know that I’d be interested in seeing each one again. I waited an additional day to see the results. It was all bad news! None of the guys indicated they want to see me. I was disappointed but brushed my shoulder off and moved pass it all.

Now for Saturday’s event: A totally different vibe. It had about 50 men for 50 women. They were from different age groups, so they weren’t all within my category, but that was still an amazing number of guys. There was time for mingling and then the dating began. I had the pleasure of meeting 9 men for 8-minutes. It was good conversation and loads of fun. I really tried to be honest with myself and decide who I wanted to see a second time. Out of the 9, I chose 2 guys. After returning home, I entered my information. The next day I checked for the results – no matches. I thought perhaps they haven’t had time to add their information, so I should check again on Monday. Once again – no matches.

Argh! Oh when, oh when will I have another second date? It’s been ions. Hair, makeup, clothing all the while being on my best behavior hasn’t paid off so far.

But you know what… hours and hours of my time and a pocketful of money will truly be worth it when I meet “him” one fine day.

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