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September 20 - End of Week Update

How have I filled week 39? Let’s cut to the chase, I still haven’t found him. I did start email conversations with 4 men from different dating websites. I gave one guy my number, after we both agreed that extended email exchanges were not what we wanted out of online dating. That was 5 days ago. I haven’t heard from him. The other guys, I’m not too eager about but I’m keeping an open mind. I’m not sure exactly what that means other than I haven’t written them off just yet, but I’m close.

This week I’ve also been furiously shopping for my appearance on the We

ndy Williams Show. She’s big on style and they tell you to dress fun, sexy and stylish. Oh wait. I also should mention that you have to bring an extra outfit just in case. Well, I don’t have one, let alone two, that I think are quite right, so I’ve spent 2 evenings at the mall and other stores and have found nothing. I’ll also spend several hours today at the stupid mall. This is frustrating and annoying because although I love fashionable clothing, I HATE to shop. Where’s an affordable stylish who can work miracles when you need one?

Also this week, I put a notice out saying I want to hear from people who got married after 40. I love hearing people’s stories. It’s my way of encouraging me. I went to a wedding on Saturday of two people over 40. That’ll keep me hopeful for at least another month. Anyway, I’ve talked to 2 couples who saw my notice and have several more to contact. I’m going to post some of their highlights (the ups and downs) of marrying after 40. Let me know if you fit the bill or forward this to anyone you think would be interested in sharing their story with me.

I also ran into someone I was attracted to at an event. We actually met each other before and there was something about him even back then that I found appealing. We have a mutual friend. The first time we met, he told my friend that he was interested and asked for the number. Unfortunately, it wasn’t me he was talking about but another one of her friends. Well at the event this week we only had a brief conversation and I thought there was a shared “moment.” I’ve been delusional before. I had to leave early, so I didn’t get a chance to talk with him again. He knows how to reach me, if I should be the person he’s interested in now. Yes. I know I can ask my friend for HIS info, but making the first move (which I’ve done on more than a few occasions) has never worked out for me. I won’t say I’ll never make the first move again, but this doesn’t feel like one of those times to give it another try.

Well work was stressful, but exciting and the whole TV thing has been stressful. After all, I have no idea what Wendy will say. And my future husband may be watching. As a result of so much stress, I feel zits forming on my chin even after I got a chemical peel. Life can be annoying sometimes. Only 15 weeks to go. Where are you and I hope you don’t mind a gal with adult, chin acne.

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