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September 22 - How you doin’? – All About My Appearance on the Wendy Williams Show

I survived the Wendy Williams show. I’m really annoyed at myself for thinking of it this way. When they called me to be on the show, I hesitated and delayed things, partly because although I never listened that often to her radio program, I was familiar with Wendy by reputation. From what I heard, she was an in your face radio personality. She interviewed a lot of celebs, especially musical artists, and talked badly of them whether they were in her studio on not.

Well, I certainly didn’t want to get on her TV show and be criticized. I get enough of that by email and on the internet. But I also knew it was a wonderful opportunity to give an update on how my search is going and revive the journey. So I was torn. How will I be treated by Wendy?

Don’t you hate it when you work yourself up with all the bad scenarios that could possibly happen until you get to the point where you utterly dread something? Then that thing you dreaded takes place and it was fine after all. What a waste of negative energy.

All my fears were put to rest. Wendy was so incredibly sweet and her staff was amazing. I can’t imagine that they treat their celebs any nicer than they treated me. Joelle and Dan were awesome. I had a great time with D’Angelo in the makeup room, Brandon on the floor, and everyone else was simply divine.

Also, I’ve been on the set of a lot of talk shows, both local and national. I’ve never seen a studio audience have more fun. First of all, it’s literally a dance party a half hour before the live show. They clear the set and invite the studio audience to come on down and dance, where a live DJ mixes all the new and old-school hits.

Wendy is also a fashionista and loves the glitz and glam, so the audience dressed the part. I was in awe at all the 5 inch heels I saw. And, they’re a young crowd. I’d say 20s and early 30s. So I felt like an old lady there trying to boogy down.

Behind the scenes scoop – On the set there are 2 big body guards that follow Wendy everywhere. They had looks that could kill, but I swear I saw one smile at one point. TV doesn’t do Wendy justice. She’s actually so much prettier in person and smaller than what you would think for a 6 foot woman. Also, when Wendy called me over to talk with her at the beginning of the program, I really believe she was nervous. Not about me, of course. But there was a bit of a quiver in her smile. Maybe it’s all in my head, but I think she still gets nervous each time she goes on stage. It was so endearing for me to see, and immediately made me feel more comfortable around her. On a different note, I was so impressed by how many African American staff members were around. You don’t often see that behind the scenes, even when the star is black. So kudos, Wendy. And thanks for a fabulous time. How you doin’?

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