• Neenah Pickett

September 23 - My Online Experience. A Day in the Life of Neenah

Last night was a typical night. I checked my dating websites (I'm a member at 3 different ones). I haven’t been online in a couple of days, but here’s how it went:

I received 8 new emails:

•2 from people with no photos – I let them know that I’m uncomfortable responding to guys who don’t post their photos.

•2 from guys who are separated. I prefer to wait until you’re actually divorced.

•2 from guys who had profiles that consisted of 2 sentences. Didn’t tell me anything about them. You gotta give me something to make me find you attractive or interesting.

•1 from a guy that I previously told I wasn’t interested.

•1 from a guy I’d corresponded with before, so I sent a reply.

8 emails in a couple of days is pretty good for me. But, unfortunately, only one went anywhere. But all it takes is 1.

I also sent out 2 emails to guys to let them know I was interested. Now we wait and see what happens tomorrow. That’s a one-hour slice of life from a girl looking for her husband. How’d you spend your evening?

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