• Neenah Pickett

October 11 - End of the Week Update

• No dates this week.

• Started two new online connections.

• I gave one online guy my number the week before, but didn't hear from him this week.

• I asked the ladies in my Bible study to pray that I would find my husband. That felt good.

• Went out on a group gathering with 7 people that I had never met before. Found them via Meetups (dinner and a movie). It included 2 men. No spark there.

• Met with two barber shops about interviewing their clients on love. Got the thumbs up.

• I saw a blouse that would make for a nice first date outfit, so I bought it - although I don't have any dates scheduled. But I'll be prepared when I do.

• Pretty slow week on the "finding him" front, but at least I had pretty foliage to look at this week. There's always a bright side!

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