• Neenah Pickett

October 18 - A Record Producer and a Spot on the Pedestal

I had a date this week with Suge Knight. Okay, maybe it wasn't him. But I swear the guy looked just like him. To be honest, I don't know that much about Mr. Knight and I've only seen a couple of photos of him. I'm assuming Suge is not his real first name, but I have no idea what it is. I'm not sure if Mr. Knight is still in the record producing business, but my guy said he own his own business and it had to do with investments. Could that mean owning a record label?

I know I'm being a little silly. I could simply Google Suge Knight to see if it was him, and if Suge Knight is married, it's probably disrespectful of me to speculate I had a date with a married man, so my apologies, Mrs. Knight, if you are out there. But the man definitely has a twin living in New Jersey.

It's funny, when my mystery man walked into the Starbucks and I saw him in person for the first time, my heart raced with the prospect of who I momentarily thought he was. It was intrigue, mixed, of course, with fear (I'm definitely not into ex-cons with a reputation for a violent streak). But suddenly the date that I was ambivalent about became much more interesting. It makes me wonder about those oh so boring dates where I can't wait for it to end. If groups of people started to come up to my boring date and ask him for his autograph and dote over him, would he suddenly go up a notch or two in my eyes? Well considering there are a lot of unattractive celebrities out there getting the girl or the guy, I'd say, "yes."

So my next question is how much control do we have over who we esteem? If a guy is a celebrity, a millionaire, or in a position of power, in most cases, we highly esteem him, according to a documentary called "The Science of Sex Appeal.". But ordinary Joe who may have admirable qualities, but is still ordinary, is not jumping off our radar. So is there a way to make him a "celebrity" in our eyes and change our perception about him?

Perhaps the key to controlling "who" we highly esteem is taking control over "what" we esteem.

BTW, about my date - I don't think he was that into me. And anyone who can't appreciate all my wonderful qualities deserves a bump off the pedestal – celebrity or not!

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