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April 28 - The Power of Words!

I often get emails from people that are incredibly encouraging. I recently received a few comments from people that were originally sent to other websites about my search or privately emailed to me. I thought I'd share a few with you. Maybe it's a bit tacky for me to share on my own blog the nice things people say to me or about me, but sometimes tacky is just what the doctor ordered!

The first is from Jamie. He sent it in as a comment to the CNN article. But because it came after the cut off, it didn't appear on their site. I'm so glad his wife emailed it to me. It touched me in a special way:

"From a man's perspective, Neenah Pickett is a creative and intelligent woman who is not acting any different than anyone else. I give her two thumbs up on ingenuity, coming up with a clever process to work on finding her #1. As for her physical aspects, I think she is an attractive woman as God made her and she advertises “love me for who I am.” We are all made unique. I am not an athlete or body builder or some kind of model. This is how my wife loves me – for who I am – and getting married to her keeps making me stronger."

This is from Wendy who also responded to the CNN article. She shared quotes and encouragement that was new to me, but will become an old favorite:

"Marriage to many single people is not a “Holy grail” as one responder suggested. There’s a book I like to read that tells about the beginning of creation and how everything God created He called “good.” The only thing that He thought was not good was for man to be alone, so God created woman. Marriage is God’s good plan for mankind. Longing to be married for a single woman like Neenah is a natural and God-given desire. Someone recently told me about three “M’s” in life: learn who is Master of your life, seek to know your Mission in life, and once you’re there look for a Mate to accompany you on that Mission. From what I know, Neenah calls on Jesus as the Master of her life, Neenah has made prayer for and encouragement of singles a Mission in her life. This adventure may just be the perfect plan God has for Neenah to find a Mate to accompany her. I pray “God speed” on His mission and for His glory."

This is from Brenda who I think penned the perfect words for someone recovering from an Oprah bump:

"Here's what's gonna happen - for some reason, your future husband probably did not watch Oprah on Friday, so, had you been on, he would have missed you. On the date you actually do appear, he will be watching. Someday you'll both have a good laugh at what a blessing it was that you were bumped from your first scheduled appearance."

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