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November 23 - Results of Speed Dating Outing

Pick me! Choose me! Love me! These lines didn't work for Meredith of Grey's Anatomy and they don't exactly go over well during 8-minutes of speed dating. Well, I didn't actually say them aloud. But now that I'm thinking about it, how funny would it have been if I whispered these words to every guy who came to my table. It certainly would have made the evening more entertaining, because it definitely wasn't a successful night for me, unless you consider not finding one match in a room full of men successful.

When I'm in my 8-minutes with each guy, I never think about whether he likes me or whether he's going to pick me. I'm focused on whether I like him. I guess I assume all guys find me adorable. But when I got home and plugged in the names of the 2 guys I wanted to date again, neither one of them chose me. How's that for a rude awakening.

I think it's healthy that I find myself adorable and assume guys would too. I'm not arrogant or rude and I treat every guy like I would want to be treated - with friendliness, respect, and a touch of flirty (except for the socially awkward guy who kept his eyes down the whole time, spoke in a whisper, and only answered questions, but never reciprocated - I left off the flirty with him). But sometimes no matter how much positive self image you may have, it often times doesn't win you the guy. He chooses not to choose you. And now that a couple of days have past, I'm okay with knowing that I can't change how someone feels about me. I can only change me and try to be the best person I can be and then let God and chemistry do the rest.

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