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December 3 – Are you there God? It's me, Neenah

Dear God, Remember three years ago when I came to you with this great idea to put myself out there in a big way to find my husband? I felt so inspired by this idea that I believe it actually came from you, as though it floated down from heaven into my innocent little head. I even did all those confirmation steps to make sure I was on the right track with you. So here I am only a few weeks away from the end and I just want to make sure you haven't forgotten about me. I know you're busy now with world peace and starving children, but surely finding my husband makes your top 10. Perhaps you've been waiting until now to act because you really want to end things with a bang. It's obvious you're into last minute, huge finales like parting the Red Sea, closing the mouths of lions and there is that whole raising the dead thing you got going for you. So dropping a husband in my path weeks before the end of the countdown is right up your alley. Right??? I imagine you've been working on my little project all along and having a blast. We've had a lot of fun over the last 11 months. Yeah, those 30-something first dates were a barrel of laughs. And those 5 second dates to no where were absolutely hilarious. Thanks! But all delightful things must come to an end (please tell me they're ending). And it's on to more serious things – like guys who actually like me AND I like them too. How awesome that would be.

And considering "awesome" is one of you're attributes, I have reason to be hopeful. So again, don't forget me. You're always telling us to remember, so I'm returning the favor like Moses did and reminding you of a few things. Remember how you have awesomely done so many great things for so many people over the last few millenniums? Remember that so many people are watching you now - to see whether a crazy, single woman who is looking for her husband is in store for another one of your awesome acts. Let the ending of these 52 weeks be one that brings hope, illuminates, and is exceedingly and abundantly above anything I could ask or think (which I admit is quite the challenge for you because you know how bold my requests and thoughts are). Thanks for being mindful of me.

With much gratitude,


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