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  • Neenah Pickett

December 5 - My Top 5 Speed Dating Tips

Don't listen to me. I've gone on 3 Speed Dating events this year and never once had a match. So, what do I know, right? It's like asking an unemployed person with 3 unsuccessful job interviews tips on landing a new position. Well, one thing I got going for me is experience. And perhaps you can learn from my mistakes and observations. So here are my 5 top tips!

1. Prepare questions ahead of time. I know this sounds geeky, but do it anyway. I'm not suggesting you take your list with you and hold it up in front of the guy while you spout off each item. Simply practice them at home – not just in your head, but write it down, then commit them to memory. Believe me, after guy 5, you're gonna need some fresh material and you'll thank me. 2. Even if the current guy you're with is a jerk, be as pleasant as possible, because the next guy you meet, who could be Mr. Wonderful, is only a seat away and is probably already checking you out. 3. If you don't like a guy after a 5 minute speed dating session, you're not going to like him for an entire evening, so don't check him off on your little box for a second date. Better to have no matches then a bunch of 2nd dates with guys that you're not looking forward to seeing again. 4. Work the room during the breaks. When you first arrive there will be time to meet guys that might not be one of the 9 guys you're assigned, but you're still allowed to check off their name. You'll also get a break halfway through the event, so again, mingle, mingle, mingle. 5. If you are interested in a guy, make sure he knows it. Don't yell, "pick me, pick me." But do tell him (in your own way) that you really enjoyed getting to know him. Here's an extra bonus. If you have a guy friend in your same age category, get him to be your speed dating buddy. /This means that any speed dating event that says they have no more room for women (and this happens all the time) will let you attend because you're coming with the coveted male attendee.

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