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  • Neenah Pickett

December 13 - To Tell the Truth (Dating Ad Realities)

In the movie "The Invention of Lying" no one ever lied. Not only couldn't they lie, but they actually said aloud everything they were thinking. I loved hearing Jennifer Garner tell her date exactly what she thought of him and their prospects together. It wasn't said with malice, she was just speaking her mind. So I was thinking, if we all applied this to our dating profiles, I wonder how different they would sound. My profile would read something like this: About Me I've been at this for quite a while, so I'm jaded and cynical. I'm ready to get married now (actually yesterday). My last boyfriend turned out to be marriage phobic, so I have issues. Although I won't rush you, I will dump you if it looks like you're dragging your feet. I've never been married, I don't have kids, and haven't had a roommate in almost 2 decades, so I'm not used to sharing my stuff, nor am I accountable to anyone. Oh and by the way, I don't look as good in person as I do in my photos, so keep your expectations low. Who I'm looking For Someone who can write a decent profile, post a normal photo and send a first email that isn't a form letter or chock-full of bad one-liners. These 3 things are my first impression of you, and if any of these areas are below average, I won't bother responding. I'm not looking for perfection, just hoping you don't write, say, or do something that completely turns me off. I'm so glad that in life and with profiles, we're much more gentle with our words (and actions). We realize that just because we may think it, we don't have to share it. Say, that sentiment may even apply to posting comments!

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