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  • Neenah Pickett

December 17 - Just One Day

It's 11:13 pm and I'm going through my online dating sites and am responding to 3 emails. In addition, I have 3 new emails to read (2 that don't include photos), and a couple of winks. I look at each one and have to make a decision if or how I should respond. I also wonder - will any of these guys still be a part of my life a month from now… or in a year? Too much thinking for this late hour, so I focus on the moment and consider how to proceed for this day -- as I have done for the last 350 days. I have 15 days left. Yes, I'm at the point where I am counting down in days. You know something, in one day Theresa Kennedy's life changed when she went from being unemployed for 11 months to getting an amazing job. Phillip Brunelle's life was changed when he bought a million dollar lottery ticket. Anne Stoltz life changed when she received that call saying they had a kidney match. It's amazing what can happen in just one day.

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