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  • Neenah Pickett

December 18 - Sending Christmas Thoughts 2 Him

Boy do I want to laugh with you today. You know--laugh about something silly that just you and I get. Someone asked me the other day my suggestion on what she should buy her boyfriend for Christmas. I'm pretty good at gift giving. I'm not the "spend a lot of money" type. Nor am I the kind of person who wants expensive gifts. I just like knowing someone took the time to think about me, understanding who I am… and then finding something not based on what I want or even what I need – but something that pulls a smile or a tear from somewhere deep within me.

LOL – I know that sounds like a lot of pressure. Don't worry. I won't be mad if I unwrap a blender or a bottle of perfume from you. I just wanted you to know that I look forward to getting to know you. And I look forward to our first Christmas and the gift of finding each other.

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