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  • Neenah Pickett

December 20 - Would I be Shoveling If I had a Husband?

Growing up, I never saw my mom with a shovel. Mind you that in addition to a husband, she had six kids (half of which were able-bodied boys). We lived on a farm, so the driveway was as long as some city blocks, and there was the path to the barn that needed much work. All of it was man's work -- thank God. But in these modern times where the gender lines are blurred, and independence reigns, as does life in suburbia, who holds the shovel?

Well, I got my answer this morning as I trekked outside to brave 12 inches of fresh snow, shovel in hand. In my subdivision there were 8 neighbors also putting unnatural strain on their backs. But I couldn't help but notice that I was the only woman. It actually made me smile. In an era where wives often make as much money, if not more than their spouses, and certainly work as hard, it's nice to know that men still feel the burden to take on the heavy labor (at least they do in my quiet little town in New Jersey). This is yet another reason to look forward to marriage (that and the taking out the garbage thing). Although I don't really mind shoveling (it gets me out of a day of riding that stupid elliptical), I will gladly hand over the wintery tool to my future husband and let chivalry take its rightful place on snow-filled mornings!

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