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  • Neenah Pickett

December 30 – When Making Peace Isn't the Best Solution

Have you ever met someone who spent their entire life working toward something that never happened? Maybe it was something admirable like civil rights or maybe it was an unseemly goal like revenge. At the end of their life they were pitied for wasting so much of their time - and all for nothing. But do the good (or bad) deeds that are done really die with that person? For the guy who was trying to make a positive change, what if he actually made things a bit easier for the person that came after him? What if that poor soul's story encouraged others? What if his efforts were all a part of a plan after all and we didn't see the results because the story didn't end with him? Perhaps there are times when you don't make peace with your circumstances - when you continue to try until the desire or calling leaves you, or you expire. Maybe the efforts are a part of a legacy or a bigger plan. My thoughts go to some of the advances we all benefit from like starting a family through IVF, or through adoption or new marriage laws. Someone worked tirelessly on these efforts - even the unsung heroes who never actually saw the advances. Heck, maybe even online dating and speed dating started because people really felt like they were not supposed to be at peace with how things were. Maybe their peace came from knowing they tried until the very end. I know it sounds a little crazy, but I'd love to think that down the line my efforts have helped or will help someone else find their "him".

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